Excellence by Design.

We offer heirloom pieces designed to meet the exacting standards and aesthetics of those who appreciate fine quality over all else. Individuals, museums, societies, and clubs turn to SB Hawley for unique items to strike an emotional and long-lasting connection. It goes beyond sourcing the finest materials and producers; it starts with keen insight followed by exceptionally detailed design.

We do not offer “products”. We offer pieces crafted to the highest standards to detailed design specifications that never use clip art or mimic other works. Our crafters and factories are located worldwide and are selected for each customer based on your needs and requirements. Whether you want a scarf screened in France, a Necktie woven in the United Kingdom, or items crafted across the globe, we ensure each item matches your unique personality and values. 

We will soon offer products for direct sale, starting with our 250th Anniversary Boston Tea Party Tea Caddie. We also provide consulting services to help advise on how to elevate brands, personal and institutional. 

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