Success by design.

What distinguishes SB Hawley Design is a process that is attentive to detail at every step. It is a perfect combination of art and science that yields an elegant design that is true to your identity and values.

The most critical step in creating an heirloom piece is discovery. Before an image is conceived, we get to the heart of the challenge. Not only who you are, but how you want to be perceived

Once that foundation has been laid, SB Hawley applies traditional and modern design tools to execute a design that is true to this base. It is also critical at this stage to determine the different means by which each product will be crafted so that designs for each medium are properly executed.

The project doesn’t end with design. Often what determines success or failure is in the execution of the design. It is not unusual to work with artisans on multiple rounds of revisions and adjustments until we are satisfied with the results. I work with some of the finest craftsmen, artisans, and factories in the world. 

This is an example of a badge produced (before) by another highly-regarded company and by SB Hawley Design (After). They are both based on the same original emblem, but our detail-driven process yields a significantly improved result. We also work with some of the world’s finest craftsmen including embroiderers for the UKs royal household.

Use the slider on the image to see the difference.

Before After

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